Sahara Dance



Raqs Sahara

Eshta was an original member of Raqs Caravan East where she was featured as a soloist. She also performs regularly with Raqs Sahara including performances at the Birchmere, “Impressions of Egypt”, and “Under a Desert Moon”.


Eshta has studied raqs sharqi intensively with Rachel Kay Brookmire and Faten Salama. Additionally, she has participated in master classes and workshops with Yousry and Nourhan Sharif, Zaza Hassan, Zahra Zuhair, Momo Kadous, Aida Nour, Karim Nagi of Turbo Tabla, Aziza, Jillina, Suhaila Salimpour, Amar Gamal, Ansuya, Delilah, Rhea, and Rachel Brice.

Eshta studied classical ballet for fifteen years as well as intense study in modern, jazz and lindy hop. Eshta was drawn to Middle Eastern dance by the contrast of fluidity and sharpness that can be found both in the dance form and its music. As a professional cellist, she is particularly intrigued by the complexity of classical Middle Eastern music and its visual interpretation.