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Raqs Sahara

Since 2002, Raqs Sahara has offered audiences the opportunity to experience raqs sharqi (“belly dance”) as a theatrical art. Raqs Sahara’s “enthralling, sensuous Middle Eastern dance styles” (The Washington Post) are grounded in the traditional techniques of raqs sharqi, but are enhanced by contemporary influences, folkloric elements, and the diverse dance backgrounds of its dancers and choreographers.

'... enthralling, sensuous Middle Eastern dance styles...' - The Washington Post

Raqs Sahara

Raqs Sahara dancers promote the transformative capabilities of their dance through artistry and execution, sharing with audiences its astonishing potential to motivate self-discovery, creativity and joyful expression.

Now recognized as a leading Middle Eastern dance company, Raqs Sahara has been invited to perform with internationally acclaimed artists such as Lebanese pop star Nancy Ajram, London’s Turkish-influenced musical group Oojami, and Miles Copeland’s Belly Dance Superstars.

The company’s expansive choreographies reflect original works in Egyptian raqs sharqi, Oriental Fusion and Folkloric dance styles, including the use of traditional Middle Eastern props such as finger cymbals, veils, swords, and canes.

Raqs Sahara is the featured dance company at all Sahara Dance productions. The company won First Place and the People's Choice awards at the 2003 East Coast Belly Dance Classic (Virginia Beach, VA). Raqs Sahara performs regularly throughout the DC metro area at private parties, weddings and festivals, including Artscape Baltimore and the Penglai D.C. Cultural Festival.

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Raqs Sahara choreographies reflect original works from the following dance genres:

Egyptian Raqs Sharqi
  • Oriental Lyrical
  • Segat (Finger Cymbals)
  • Beledi
  • Tabla Solo
  • Veil & Double Veil
Egyptian Folkloric
  • Saidi/Raqs Assaya (Cane)
  • Fellahi
  • Nubian
Oriental Fusion
  • Raqs Brasil
  • Oriental Shabbi
  • Tribal
  • Sword
  • Techno Oriental
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