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Sahara Tribal

Sahara Tribal, an Organic Dance Experiment, is an evolving artistic project aimed at rekindling the spirit of Organic Dance (the creative origins of Sahara Dance). Participants work collaboratively to create pieces in the genres of American tribal belly dance, folkloric fusions and experimental dance. Members seek to explore and develop new frontiers in belly dance.

Sahara Tribal

Sahara Tribal pieces blend the innovative spontaneity of American Tribal Style belly dance with the grace and beauty of traditional raqs sharqi. Our mission is to provide fresh and funky entertainment melding Eastern traditions and Western aesthetics.

Performance Highlights
Le Serpent Rouge
Katzen Arts Center, Washington, DC - 2007
New Year's Eve
Ritz Carlton, Washington, DC - 2007
Under a Desert Moon
Greenberg Theatre, Washington, DC - May, 2006
DC Fringe Festival
NBC 4 Travel Expo
Washington Convention Center, Washington, DC - 2006
Nanna Candelaria
Casablanca, Alexandria, VA - 2006
Casablanca, Alexandria, VA - 2006
Greenberg Theatre, Washington, DC - August, 2006
Georgetown University
Somerset, NJ - 2006
New Year's Eve Celebration
Zaytinya, Washington DC 2005
December Sahara Dance Salon
Skewers, Washington DC 2005
November Sahara Dance Salon
Skewers, Washington DC 2005
In Celebration of Women
Tranquil Space, Washington DC 2005
Le Swimming Montreal, Canada 2005
Lula Lounge, Toronto, Canada 2005
The Birchmere, Alexandria, VA 2005
Flashpoint, Washington, DC - August, 2005
Under a Desert Moon
Greenberg Theatre, Washington, DC 2005
Turbo Tabla Show
Karma Lounge, Washington, DC 2005
Impressions of Egypt
Mead Theatre Lab, Washington DC 2004
Creative Directors
  • Chanelle