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Hicham El Anmari

A talented and accomplished composer and performer, Hicham El Anmari started his musical career at the age of 14 in the capital of Morocco. His love for music took him to music school and soon after he was playing in concerts, night clubs and weddings.

Hicham El Anmari

Hicham traveled through Europe with famous Moroccan stars giving concerts for audiences of more than 5,000 guests. Some of the musicians he has played with include Orchestra Jadwan (Charki and Moroccan Music), Pinhass (Moroccan Jewish music), Abdel rahim AL Souiri (Andalousi music), Sheb Nasro (Rai and Algerian music) and several Moroccan singers (Sharki, Lebanese, Dabka, Gulf and classical music).

In addition to writing his own music, Hicham plays every Friday and Saturday at Casablanca Restaurant in Alexandria and every Sunday at Paper Moon in Georgetown DC.