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Kandice began studying belly dance at Sahara Dance in 2006, and continues her studies in raqs sharqi and belly dance fusion styles. She has performed with Raquettes Naima and Raqs Caravan East, and is currently a member of Raqs Caravan Urban.

Kandice finds inspiration in all things belly dance, from the rich history of the dance to the music and costuming. She has completed the Journey through Egypt 1 & 2 certification series with Sahra Saeeda, and is participating in the fifth Sahara Dance Foundations Teacher Training. Kandice has studied with leading belly dance instructors, including Amy Sigil of UNMATA, Anasma, Asharah, Bozenka, Jillina, Karim Nagi, Mardi Love, Outi of Cairo, Rachel Brice, Sahra Saeeda, and Sonia. She continues her belly dance training at Sahara Dance

Kandice brings her passion for belly dance to her students, promoting authenticity, intention, and home-based practice.