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Michele looks forward to sharing her love of belly dance with her students and strives to make her classes both fun and instructive. She is particularly grateful to teach at Sahara Dance which has a wonderful community of women who are ready to support your goals whether it is to be a professional dancer or to just shake your hips for an hour each week for the pure joy of it.

Michele is inspired by the graceful, expressive styling of Raqs Sharqi as well as the experimental and ethnic fusion styling of American Tribal Style belly dance. She has performed with Raqs Caravan East and Raqs Caravan West, and is currently a member of Sahara Tribal.

Michele has studied intensively for years with Rachel Kay Brookmire and other founding members of Sahara Dance and completed the Sahara Dance Foundations Teacher Training program. In addition, Michele has taken workshops with world renowned dancers and instructors such as Jillina, Rachel Brice, Moria, Bozenka, Ansuya, Unmata and Zoe Jakes.