Sahara Dance

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Born and raised in the cornfields of Pennsylvania, Na’la first discovered belly dance in 2000, when she was shown the Turku video featuring the Ghawazee dancers (now Zafira). It was love at first sight.


Na’la began studying tribal style dance with Bambi (VA) and cabaret with Bonita (VA), and religiously followed the Fat Chance Belly Dance instructional series. She co-founded Shakra in late 2002, and by 2004, Shakra was gaining recognition as a unique dance troupe wtih a style all their own.

Na’la’s choreography and personal style came out of a fusion of all her past experiences and has studied with Donna Majia (MA), Mira Betz (CA), Amy Sigil and Unmata (CA), Rachel K Brookmire (DC) Zafira (PA), Asharah (CA), Uzume (NL), Domba (AZ) and many more teachers from around the country.

She has completed the Sahara Dance teacher training, and is honored to be a part of our community. She hopes her students will incorporate what they learn into their own artistic dance expression. Na’la also looks forward to being a student for the rest of her life.