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Gratitude as Dance

November 23, 2016 9:16 AM

Hi Sahara sisters,

This post was written in 2009 by our Founder and Creative Director, Rachel Kay Brookmire, about why she is grateful for belly dance and for Sahara Dance. As Thanksgiving approaches and you gather with family and friends from near and far, it is ever relevant now 😃

As you take a moment to think about what you are grateful for this Thanksgiving please know that we are all endlessly thankful for all of you, and for our Sahara Dance community!

Much love and shimmies,

Your friends and teachers at Sahara Dance

Gratitude as Dance (Rachel Kay Brookmire, updated from 2009)

I feel very fortunate to have the luxury of dancing daily. Several years ago, as part of the original Hip Talk blog, I sent around some of the things I’m grateful for about belly dance. My list keeps growing, but the things I first mentioned still hold true so I’m updating and reposting them again below. What things are you grateful for about belly dance?

I’m grateful for:

  • * the political freedom we have to dance and express ourselves as we choose
  • * the beautiful and creative people that share in building our Sahara Dance community
  • * the silly times we have in the studio and our ability to laugh at ourselves
  • * the incredible talent, leadership and professional commitment of our teachers
  • * the soulful music that gives spirit to our dance
  • * the dedication and kinship of Raqs Caravan members
  • * the tremendous encouragement and support of students, family and friends
  • * the pure joy and playful fun of raqs sharqi

I hope we all keep the joyful spirit of the dance close at hand throughout the holidays and beyond. I’ve come to discover that the light and beauty of belly dance is incredibly resilient. And, it comes in as many shapes, sizes and colors as there are women :). A better gift than most anything that can be purchased off a shelf, be generous and give yourself the gift of a consistent dance practice. Remember to treasure your time to just be in your body, enjoying the music and the dance, and letting go of everything else.

In the spirit of the season, I want to extend my gratitude to all of you for supporting and encouraging our local dance endeavors. Belly dance is continuing to flourish in DC and I’m so grateful for the strong community we have to share in, and bolster, the growth of our dance form. 2017 is around the corner and full of more good dance opportunities. I hope you’re all healthy, happy and able to come out and share in the shimmying spirit!

With much gratitude for good health, dedicated students, inspiring music, beautiful dance and wonderful friends to share it all with…

Yours in dance, Rachel