Raqqesat Nadia Member
Sahara Dance Resident Teacher

A teacher by profession and a dancer by calling, Farrah is enthusiastic about combining these two passions!

She loves helping people learn, and says, “Witnessing that “aha” moment, when a new idea suddenly becomes someone’s own is incredibly rewarding!”

Farrah had no formal belly dance experience before coming to Sahara Dance, but had always loved to dance. A competitive athlete her whole life, she discovered dancing brought the same challenges and rewards as other sports. With belly dance she experiences the same striving to improve, the thrill of getting moves just right, the rewards of hard work and the important bonding power of teamwork.

Farrah began dancing with Sahara Dance in 2007 and has danced primarily under Rachel Kay Brookmire, Michele, Jennifer, Colleen, and Omoladun. She has augmented her dance studies with Shahrzad, Virginia of Miami, Yousry Sharif, Wael Mansour, Tito Seif, Karim Nagi, Sami Khoury, Donna Mieja, and Mohamed Shahin. Farrah is a principal dancer with Raqqesat Nadia.