Raqqesat Badia Director
Raqs Sahara Member
Sahara Dance Resident Teacher

Megan discovered her love for belly dance after many years studying classical ballet and experimenting in forms such as flamenco, West African dance and bhangra. She believes the supportive community at Sahara is truly special and aims to help all her students find their own unique expression of belly dance.

Megan is a member of Raqs Sahara, and has performed with Raqs Caravan East. Megan has studied with Sahara Dance faculty as well as international artists including Jillina, Bozenka, Sahra Saeeda, Yasmina Ramzy, Hossam Ramzy, Mohamed Shahin and Karim Nagi.

While her focus has been modern Egyptian belly dance, she is also fascinated by tribal fusion belly dance. She has studied Datura Style with Rachel Brice at several Heart of Belly Dance retreats and is currently pursuing 8 Elements training.