North African Movement: Algéroise from Algeria with Esraa Warda – May 2, 3:15-5:15 pm


North African Movement: Algéroise from Algeria

This workshop will explore the movement of Algéroise, the Andalusian influenced music style from Algeria. Algéroise is a classic traditional style representing the essence of “Alger La Blanche” or “El Behdja” – the port city of Algiers that is distinct in its white colonial architecture bedded across the blue Mediterranean. This dance is feminine, while heavily rhythmic and meditative. Students will learn to dance with thoughtful intention and coordination of “les mouchoirs” in their hands while keeping specific posture.

Students will familiarize themselves with footwork, fundamental movements and establish/continue a relationship with Algéroise rhythms and aesthetic.

All levels welcome! Early bird pricing expires March 15th, 2020. Please come dressed comfortably. Bring a regular fashion scarf or hip scarf and two small handkerchiefs or tissues.

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