Beginner I (Aziza) [H1]


This course is designed for students new to belly dance or seeking a belly dance refresher. No dance experience necessary! Join us for a fun workout while making new friends and learning beautiful, sensual movements.

Students will learn basic belly dance technique, including posture, shimmies, isolations, undulations and traveling steps. Class will include a brief introduction to the history, context, and philosophy of belly dance, as well as a brief introduction to Middle Eastern music. Choreography will be taught to incorporate new movements. Come celebrate femininity through a sensual, life-embracing art!

Two separate and distinct Beginner I Technique classes will be offered each semester. Beginner I Technique (Zeina) is offered in the first half of each semester; Beginner I Technique (Aziza) is offered in the second half of each semester. Each course will be 7- to 8-weeks, and together provide a complete introduction to belly dance. Each course covers different material, and students can begin with either one (Zeina or Aziza).

We recommend that students take two full semesters of Beginner I (i.e., two sessions of Zeina and two sessions of Aziza) before moving on, and recommend taking different teachers for each class to gain full advantage of the different teaching styles.

No dance experience necessary. 

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