CORE-ography with Donna Mejia – March 14, 3:15-6:15pm

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How important is your core alignment and musculature to your dancing? It is unequivocally and absolutely critical to an intelligent and coherent approach to any movement in any genre of dance.  Donna Mejia has managed to maintain an active dance practice through multiple abdominal surgeries, pregnancy and more… all through a focus on core abdominal strength.  In this workshop, Donna offers an array of exercises and practices intended to raise the intelligence of your lower back lumbar region and abdominal wall.  Please note that we will be utilizing a yoga mat for these investigations.  Donna will illustrate how to use other common household items to further your training anywhere, regardless of whether or not you have access to a gym or dance studio.  The integration of breath is the final “Jedi training” clincher to these transformative practices.  Our goal is not a flat stomach; it is a formidably strong core that will support your grandest and most virtuosic possibilities.  The good news is that this training has beneficial applications beyond your dance practice, so please bring a yoga mat, a notebook, your questions… and let’s dig in deeply!

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