Egyptian Dance & Musicality Intensive w/ Shahrzad & Marshall – May 7-10


Join Shahrzad and Marshall for a deep dive into the intricate and rich musical traditions of Egypt! This intensive will give dancers the tools they need to truly ‘hear’ the music by breaking down and studying its many complex layers such as rhythms and percussion, western and eastern instruments, maqam, taqsim, mawal, lyrics, etc. as well as the origins of the different genres we use as belly dancers. We will work through a large variety of Egyptian musical styles from old to new, how they have evolved, and how the dance connects to and evolves with them. Along with dance technique, combinations, and improvisation drills this intensive will also utilize lecture and video sessions and live rhythm break downs to give students the best understanding of the content as possible. The program is designed for both newer students seeking a solid base understanding of the dance and music to a seasoned professionals looking to deepen their understanding to create detailed and informed classes and performances. Limited to 25 students. Early bird pricing through January 31, 2020.

Thursday May 7: 1-5pm
Friday May 8: 6-10pm
Saturday May 9: 1-5pm
Sunday May 10: 1-5pm

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