Legendary Musicians of Egypt Every Dancer Should Know (4-week Series)

Today, music by Oum Kalthoum, Abdel Halim Hafez, Mohamad Abdel Wahab, and Farid Al Atrache is still played in cafes, banquet halls, and taxis, and these legends still out-sell other artists. This class will introduce these musicians and the songs most commonly performed to by dancers. Enhance your own dance journey by understanding the role their music has played in shaping the dance.

Two years of previous dance experience is recommended and combos may be adjusted to accommodate varying technique levels. Informational email with links for your home study will be sent at the start of the session.

For the live-streaming 4-week class series we ask all participants turn on their videos so as to better create the in-studio experience of dancing together and to best pace the class. Registration will remain open up until 30 minutes prior to the class start time, or as spaces remain available.

Please register to reserve your spot in the class.  

The 4-week class series registration is offered by donation. Your registration secures your spot in class for 4 weeks. For those who are able, we appreciate any donations. Your support of the studio is critical during this time and helps keep classes available for all. Your contributions help sustain the studio so that we may reopen. Looking for a suggestion? Donations of $60 – $80 for this 4-week class series* are most welcome. We are grateful for your generosity and care for our community. Thank you.

All are welcome and included. If a donation is cost-prohibitive, please don’t let this keep you from dancing with us. Just email support@saharadance.com and we will help. We all benefit from dancing together at this time. 



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