North African Movement: Chaâbi of Morocco with Esraa Warda – May 2, 1:00-3:00 pm


North African Movement: Chaâbi of Morocco 

This workshop will explore the movement of Chaâbi, the “peoples'” music of Morocco. Chaâbi is a dance style that reflects the voice and energy of community – it is high energy, celebratory, body-positive, and pushes one to release without inhibitions. Commonly with the symbolism of “horses” in its movement, Chaâbi also connects dancers to dance with strength, groundedness, and force – such as a horse.

Students will familiarize themselves with fundamentals of movement and establish/continue a relationship with Moroccan rhythm on the path of becoming musically centered social dancers.

All levels welcome. Early bird pricing through March 15, 2020. Please come dressed comfortably. Bring a regular fashion scarf, hip scarf or Moroccan mozuna belt.

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