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Raqs Caravan East is an Intermediate / Advanced Sahara Dance student company specializing in raqs sharqi for stage. Members embody the exuberance, nuance, and beauty of Egyptian-inspired belly dance. Dancers focus on soft, graceful styling, technical precision, and emotional expression.

The company performs to a wide variety of music, including Egyptian classical and folkloric, Arabic fusion and pop, and live percussion by Sahara Tabla. The company repertoire includes entrances, drum solos, Sa’idi, beledi, fusion, and pop. Members are versed in performing with multiple props, including veil, zills (finger cymbals), assaya (cane), fan veil, Isis wings, poi veil, and melaya.

Raqs Caravan East, and sister company Raqs Caravan West, are the featured companies of the Sahara Dance Community Outreach Program. As leaders within the Sahara Dance community, members represent the studio by frequently performing at community and educational events, festivals, and expos throughout the DC Metropolitan area.

Raqs Caravan companies develop an extensive repertoire of two to three choreographies each semester, culminating in a highlighted showing of their new works at the three annual Sahara Dance student productions: the “Under a Desert Moon” gala in the spring, the “Sahara Dance Carrnival” show in the summer, and the “Sahara Dance Caravan” in the fall.

Company Director: Rachel Kay Brookmire

Contributing Choreographers: Rachel Kay BrookmireChiaki, Jennifer

1) Concurrent enrollment in Advanced ; and
2) Permission of director (Rachel Kay Brookmire)


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Chiaki, Rachel