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Raqs Caravan West is a student performance company which combines tribal and fusion belly dance with inspiration from a variety of western dance forms and the tribal cultures of the Middle East. Dancers blend a modern aesthetic with the camaraderie that is the hallmark of tribal style. Their signature performances are unchoreographed; their pieces organically unfold as different members of the “tribe” rotate leadership to share in the spontaneous creation of each dance. Structured improvisation breathes life into each performance, and no two pieces are ever the same.

Unlike Middle Eastern folkloric styles, tribal style belly dance does not represent any specific culture or region. True to the American melting pot fashion, tribal dance and costume imaginatively mix the vocabulary of many Eastern and Western traditions.

Directed by Ami and Elysa.

Raqs Caravan West, and sister companies Raqs Caravan East and Raqs Caravan Folklore, are featured at three productions annually: the Under a Desert Moon Annual Gala, the Sahara Dance Carnival and the Sahara Dance Winter Caravan. Raqs Caravan companies perform regularly at numerous community and educational events throughout the year.

1) Previous completion of Intermediate I Technique class (or equivalent); and
2) Simultaneous enrollment in Intermediate / Advanced Tribal technique
3) Permission of Directors (Ami / Elysa)

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Ami, Elysa