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Designed for students wishing to explore the transition to performing professionally or develop a comprehensive solo set with a variety of pieces. Craft a “classic” 12- to 20-minute performance set for restaurant and/or professional gigs, highlighting your personal style and dance strengths. Learn tips for creating a dynamic show tailored to your audience. Special focus will be placed on professionalism and keys for entertaining crowd interaction. Ideal for those interested in auditioning for Sahara Dance Entertainment or wishing to deepen their solo dance repertoire.

Each participant will receive feedback on choreography, expression, prop use, and music selection as you create your own performance sets. Grow your solo performance skills with individual evaluations and action plans for achieving your performance goals! Students will have the opportunity to perform a portion of their sets at the Sahara Dance Summer Hafla on June 29th. Receive feedback on choreography, expression, prop use, and music selection as you practice your performance set.

Prerequisite: Mastery of content from Sahara Dance Low Intermediate I Technique or permission of teacher. Concurrent enrollment in Intermediate Technique or above.

Online registration not available: contact studio for more information

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