Sai’idi Choreography with Katrina – January 4, 1:00-3:00pm


Learn a playful Sai’idi style choreography, with optional assaya (cane)! Students will learn a Sa’idi style choreography as a preview to Katrina’s performance class choreography, for those interested in performing the choreography for Under a Desert Moon. Experience the heart of Egyptian folklore! Assayas are provided for class or students may bring their own.

Raqs Al Assaya, is a cheerful dance from the Sa’id (Upper Egypt), where the dancer twirls a cane or staff in playful imitation of the men’s regional martial art. (The men’s version, Tahtihb, is performed with heavy staffs.) Raqs Al Assaya may be presented as folkloric dance, or elements of this dance may be adapted for cabaret-style belly dance.

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