Tarab and transcendence through belly dance with Sahra Saeeda – November 6, 3pm-6pm


Tarab is that amazing moment when the whole audience is emotionally elevated into ecstasy by an artist. In tarab moments, the communication is the vocabulary of feeling and energy, of flow and line within the body, time suspends and lengthens.

According to experts in Egypt, “Tarab” is a gift from God, and can not be controlled. But an artist can and should work on their “Sultanah” the ability to release into the music and movement, to be in contact with your own personal flow, dancing from the inside out, possibly leading to the effect of Tarab. The workshop will experience taqsim and Oum Kulsum songs as conducive to Sultanah and Tarab.

Date: Tuesday Nov. 6
Time: 3:00-6:00pm
Cost: $95
Location: Sahara Dance Central

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