Turkish Oryantal with Athena Najat – July 6, 1:00-3:00pm


Turkish Bellydance is infused with a vibrant sense of freedom and versatility.  

In it, we can find the coexistence of graceful elegance with a strong, vivacious power, all wrapped around an essential connection to the music.

Join Athena as we explore Turkish oryantal bellydance elements through technique and learn a modern choreography referencing the great dancers of the Turkish stage! 

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Belly dancing with Athena Najat offers a unique and fulfilling exploration into the dance of the Mediterranean and Middle East.  Her unique experience performing professionally as a bellydancer in Istanbul, Athens, Egypt, Bahrain and Dubai and beyond, gives her a distinctive perspective and a lot of exciting information and material to share with dancers around the world. 

Athena Najat is an internationally recognized dancer and instructor of Greek-American heritage with a Masters Degree in Dance and Culture.  She is often invited to teach workshops and judge international belly dance competitions. 

Her classes are fun, informative and inspiring, focusing on healthy dancing, promoting and respecting culture, and most of all, connecting and expressing the joy in movement in music!