Blue Spirit Costa Rica provides an extraordinary setting to all who are dedicated to spiritual transformation, personal development, and environmental sustainability. Perched on a hilltop beside a peninsula that overlooks the Pacific Ocean and a three-mile long white sand beach that is protected as a turtle refuge, Blue Spirit offers an extraordinarily beautiful and natural setting on one of Costa Rica’s renown beaches.

The two international airports in Costa Rica are: Liberia International Airport (LIR) and San Jose International Airport (SJO). Both airports have frequent flights to and from all over the United States and Canada.

We recommend flying into Liberia, which has been recently expanded with increased numbers of flights from the US and Canada. From Liberia airport, it is a two-hour scenic drive to Blue Spirit.

Flying to San Jose is also an option as sometimes flights from the US, Canada, or other parts of the world are less expensive or more direct than flying into Liberia. You can get from San Jose to Blue Spirit by ground (4-1/2 hour shuttle ride), or by air (40-minute short domestic flight from SJO to the local Nosara Airport, which is a 20-minute drive from Blue Spirit).

Please book your travel to arrive on Saturday, February 8 and depart on Saturday, February 15, 2020. There is no scheduled programming on these travel days.

Check-in is at 4:00 pm on Saturday and dinner opens at 6:00 pm (included). The ideal flight arrival time at LIR airport (for shuttle service) is 11:30-3:30 pm or 6:30-8:00 pm. If you live in a climate with snowy winters, we recommend choosing a flight itinerary with connections in cities with mild winters (Houston or Miami) if possible, to decrease the chance of weather-related cancellations or delays.

For your departure flight on Saturday, February 15 – the later the better. Shuttles back to the airport leave ~5 hours before your flight to accommodate the 2-hour transit time and 2-hour recommended arrival at the airport for international flights.

Shuttle Service to/from Blue Spirit

Group shuttles depart from Liberia International Airport (LIR) to Blue Spirit on Saturdays between 12:00-4:00 pm and then again from 7:00-8:30 pm. The cost is $60 per person each way, payable in cash or by credit card at Blue Spirit reception.

If you arrive at a different time than the scheduled shuttle departure times or prefer to travel privately, individual transportation can be arranged for you. Individual transportation is $160 for one person, or $80 each for two people, one way.

Once you register for the retreat, we will send shuttle information and a form for you to book your shuttle transportation.

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