Specialty Classes

Those who dance are considered insane by those who can’t hear the music.
~ George Carlin ~

Supplement your technique training with specialty classes exploring the historical, contextual and experimental aspects of belly dance.

Specialty classes focus on a variety of skills, and include:

  • Advanced Fusion
  • Arab Folkloric Dances
  • Belly Dance Fusion
  • Egyptian Folkloric Dances
  • Golden Era Dance
  • Hula Hoop Dance
  • Mindfulness and Belly Dance
  • Muscle Technique
  • Music and Rhythms
  • Samba
  • Soft, Slow & Stretchy
  • Tabla (drum)
  • Urban-Belly Dance Fusion


Up and at ‘em! Get your blood moving and heart rate up with drills, conditioning exercises, and easy-to-follow choreographies in a dance cardio format similar to Zumba. We’ll draw upon movement inspiration from Egyptian and Lebanese belly dance, and various folkloric dances. Let’s sweat, shimmy, and have fun! No belly dance experience required, just your playful spirit!


Experience the heart and soul of raqs sharqi through its roots in folkloric dance. Join Mohamed in an exploration of the joyous and earthy folk dances of Egypt. Gain a deeper appreciation of belly dance by sampling the music and dance traditions that have inspired modern belly dance, including Saiidi, Nubian, Eskandrani, Sha’abi, Hagallah and more!


Live for shaabi? Begging for baladi? Curious about developing a stronger sense of “raqs sharqi” style? This class is for you! We’ll develop that nuanced Egyptian sense of style through combinations, footwork, gestures, and movement. Emphasis is on strengthening emotional expression, musical interpretation, and dynamic quality of movement. This fun, upbeat class will use a variety of Egyptian music from pop and shaabi to modern entrance pieces, drawing inspiration from the famous Egyptian dancers of today.

Designed for students with Low Intermediate belly dance experience. Technical mastery of movement and curriculum experience can be modified to challenge varying levels of dancers.


Samba is for everyone of all ages!  Samba is a unique and specialized dance form using groups of four to six step movements incorporating side-to-side, forward-and-backward, and circular motions. Men and women dance Samba differently and together, yet with minimal contact. The dance for the women can be characterized by high energy symmetrical foot movements accompanied by elegant hip, shoulder, and arm movements, creating a dance that includes the entire body. Men also perform the same characteristic foot movements, but with limited hip and shoulder movement. Men dance around the women, gracefully incorporating emphatic hops, flamboyant jumps, and graceful spins.

The samba technique combines flexibility, endurance and strengthening. She implements techniques adapted from Afro, ballet and capoeira to strengthen, align and tone your body. The focus of her methodology is self expression through movement to feel the music. Come enjoy and absorb the sensuality, the vibration and the energy of samba beat! Each class begins with a 15 minute warm-up session featuring progressive Afro-Brazilian flexibility movements and stretching exercises that are set to popular Brazilian music. The warm-up is followed by 30 minutes of gradually more complex Samba, capoeira , Afro and Samba Reggae dance steps

Soft, Slow and Stretchy (H1)

Immerse yourself in the softer side of belly dance.

We will play with ideas for incorporating relaxation, fluidity and extension into simple combinations.  Drawing upon foundational movements and add dimension to your repertoire. We’ll slow down our dancing to deepen our connection with the movement and music, as well as our bodies, breath and intention. Class will consist of long stretches of slow, flow-oriented dance sequences directed with mindfulness practices. Designed to help dancers relax, replenish and connect to a sense of well being in our bodies. Practice weekly mind-body rejuvenation through dance! Emphasis is on enjoying movement and infusing your dance with elegance and sensual expression. All levels welcome!


Learn the basics for playing the tabla, including the primary sounds (doum and tek) and fundamental Middle Eastern rhythms. Individual feedback and adjustments will be given to each student on striking technique, timing, hand placement and how to hold the drum.

Each class is divided between practicing technique and playing rhythms. Special attention will be given to cultural and musical contexts surrounding rhythms and drumming, all while making music!

Learn 4 different rhythms with multiple variations throughout the 8-week session. Each session we will rotate learning a new set of rhythms.


Now that you have a solid foundation it is time to move beyond the basics.

Expand your drumming vocabulary and learn how to put all of your knowledge together in a musical context. In this class you will continue to expand upon both your techniques (pops, half teks, rolls and other combinations and sound variations) as well as your knowledge of rhythms.


Move beyond the foundational principals of playing the tabla into a world of musical self-expression. In this class we will practice creating and playing solos and learning songs/routines all while maintaining proper technique.

The class will also explore different approaches to use when playing with other musicians as well as strategies to use when playing for belly dancers.


Urban fusion combines unique hip-hop combinations with traditional raqs sharki belly dance and tribal-style belly dance, through edgy isolations, locks, waves and other urban-inspired movement. Build coordination, isolation and an expanded repertoire with a variety of choreographies. This class will be high energy, prepare to sweat and have fun.

Prerequisite: Mastery of Shara Dance Low Intermediate Technique.