Sahra Saeeda

World Touring Guest Artist

Sahra Saidi

Sahra has performed and taught Egyptian-style Orientale and Folkloric dance on five continents. Originally from the Los Angeles, California area, Sahra lived, danced, and researched in Egypt from 1989 to 1995. Since then, she has been teaching and performing Egyptian and Folkloric dance around the world.

Sahra has been artistic director of Ya Amar! Dance Company since its conception in 1995, and a contributing choreographer to many European dance companies. She is also president of Layali Yasmine Productions (“Nights of Jasmine”), an independent recording and distribution label for Egyptian music, Middle Eastern dance performance and instructional videos. Sahra has academic degrees in both Dance & Cultural Anthropology along with a MA in Dance Ethnology from UCLA. She has given numerous lecture/demonstrations on Egyptian dance, costumes, customs, ritual and folklore to doctorate-level symposiums, university ethnic dance festivals and dance ethnology forums.