To dance is to be out of yourself, larger, more powerful, more beautiful. This is power, it is glory on earth and it is yours for the taking.
~ Agnes de Mille ~

Spring Class Schedule

January 5th  April 25th (16 weeks)
Half Term [H1]: January 5th – February 28th (8 weeks)
SECOND HALF-TERM [H2]: March 2 – April 25 (8 WEEKS)*

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Advanced Brush Up [T][H2]Tue7:00-8:00 pmTenley$170.00Open
Beginner I (Zeina) [H2]Thu7:30-8:30 pmSilver Spr.$170.00Open
Beginner I (Zeina) [H2]Mon6:00-7:00 pmTenley$170.00Open
Beginner I (Zeina) [H2]Sun10:00-11:00 amTenley$170.00Open
Beginner I (Zeina) [H2]Thu6:15-7:15 pmTenley$170.00Open
Beginner I (Zeina) [H2]Tue7:30-8:30 pmSilver Spr.$170.00Open
Beginner I/II Aziza Performance [P][H2]Mon7:00-8:00 pmTenley$175.00Open
Beginner I/II Performance [P][H2]Tue8:30-9:30 pmSilver Spr.$175.00Open
Beginner II Brush Up [T][H2]Tue6:00-7:00 pmTenley$170.00Open
Beginner II Brush Up [T][H2]Sat12:00-1:00 pmTenley$170.00Open
Belly Dance Cardio Intensive [H2]Sun12:00-1:00 pmTenley$170.00Open
Developing ChoreographySat1:00-2:00pmTenleyOpen sattopenrachel100-200pm
Intermediate [T]Tue7:00-8:00 pmTenley$305.00*FULL* tuetfullleilah-moon700-800-pm
Intermediate/Advanced [T]Wed7:30-8:30 pmTenley$305.00*FULL* wedtfullchiaki730-830-pm
Intermediate/Advanced [T]Thu7:30-8:30 pmTenley$305.00Open
Intermediate/Advanced Tribal [T]Mon7:00-8:00 pmTenley, $305.00Open
montopenami elysa700-800-pm
Low Intermediate I [T]Sat10:00-11:00 amTenley$305.00Open
Low Intermediate III: Veil & Assaya (Cane) Brush Up [T][H2]Tue6:00-7:00 pmTenley$170.00Open
Modern Egyptian Combos [LI/Int]Thu7:00-8:00 pmTenley$305.00*FULL* thutfullleilah-moon700-800-pm
Opening Number Performance Intensive [OP][P]Sat11:00am-1:00pmTenley$340.00Closed sattclosedrachel1100am-100pm
Raqqesat Badia [P]Sat11:00 am-12:00 pmTenley$340.00Closed sattclosedgretchen1100-am-1200-pm
Raqqesat Kitty [P]Tue8:00-9:00 pmTenley$340.00Closed tuetclosed800-900-pm
Raqqesat Nadia [P]Thu8:30-9:30 pmTenley$340.00Closed thutclosedjennifer830-930-pm
Raqqesat Naima [P]Wed8:30-9:30 pmTenley$340.00*FULL* wedtfullchiaki830-930-pm
Raqqesat Props [P]Sun5:00-6:00 pmTenley$340.00Closed suntclosedjulie500-600-pm
Raqqesat Samia [P]Thu8:00-9:00 pmTenley$340.00Closed thutclosedleilah-moon800-900-pm
Raqqesat ShimmyPop [P]Wed8:30-9:30 pmTenley$340.00Closed wedtclosedebony830-930-pm
Raqs Caravan East [P]Tue8:00-9:00 pmTenley, $340.00Closed tuetclosedchiaki rachel800-900-pm
Raqs Caravan West [P]Mon8:00-9:00 pmTenley, $340.00Closed montclosedami elysa800-900-pm
Reda Performance Intensive [RP]Sun2:00-4:00 pmTenley$340.00*FULL* suntfulljennifer200-400-pm
Shaabi Performance (Int+) [P]Sun11:00 am-12:00 pmTenley$340.00Closed suntclosedleilah-moon1100-am-1200-pm
ShimmyHIIT Intensive [H2]Wed6:30-7:30 pmTenley$170.00Open
Tabla I: Introduction Tabla & Rhythms (8 week )[H2]Sun12:00-1:00 pmTenley$170.00Open
Tabla II: Beginner Tabla & Rhythms [S]Sun11:00 am-12:00 pmTenley$305.00Closed suntclosedrandy1100-am-1200-pm
Tabla III: Intermediate Tabla & Rhythms [S]Sun10:00-11:00 amTenley$305.00Closed suntclosedrandy1000-1100-am
Tribal Roulette Performance [P]Wed6:30-7:30 pmTenley$340.00Closed wedtclosedgabrielle630-730-pm
Urban-Belly Dance Fusion [S]Wed7:30-8:30 pmTenley$305.00*FULL* wedtfullebony730-830-pm

[H1] Half Term Class Session 1: January 5th – February 28th (8 weeks)

[HP] Half-term Performance Class (8 weeks). Dancers will perform at the Sahara Dance Hafla on March 2nd. Performance classes require simultaneous enrollment in a technique class and costume / prerequisites vary by class.

[T] Technique Class (16 weeks)

[S] Specialty Class (16 weeks) 

[LI/Int] Low Intermediate/Intermediate

[P] Performance Class (16 week): Dancers enrolled in a 16 week performance class will perform at the 18th annual Sahara Dance Under a Desert Moon Gala April 27th at American University’s Harold and Sylvia Greenberg Theater. Performance classes require simultaneous enrollment in a technique class and costume / prerequisites vary by class / company.

[W] Saturday Series Workshops (2 hours, 1:00-3:00 pm, unless otherwise noted on website). Workshop enrollment is $35. 

[E] Early bird registration pricing is available through January 2nd. Regular registration pricing January 3rd. 

[OP] Opening Number Performance Intensive meets from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm on
Jan. 19 & 26, Feb. 2 & 23, Mar. 2 & 30, Apr. 6 & 13.

[RP] Reda Performance Intensive meets 2:00-4:00 pm on Jan. 27, Feb. 3 & 24, Mar 3 & 31, and Apr. 14. Final session is 3:00-5:00 pm on Apr. 20.

*NO CLASSES: Easter, April 21, 2019. Classes are non-refundable, non-transferrable & expire on the expiration date of the class card. See website or call (202) 362-4400 for availability, prerequisites, simultaneous enrollment requirements, and details.     

**Note: Classes are non-refundable and non-transferable.
All classes expire at the end of the session, and do not carry over to a future session.

Payment Methods

Online transactions are handled by PayPal, but you don’t need a PayPal account to register for class – any credit or debit card will work. Add the classes in which you plan to enroll to your cart by clicking the “Add to Cart” button for each and proceed to checkout by clicking on the “View your Cart” button. From the checkout screen you will be able to make changes to your registrations.