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We offer special workshops and master classes in addition to our regular instructional and performance classes. Workshops are selected to help students and experienced dancers alike broaden their dance training.

Upcoming Workshops

Mindful Belly Dance



Mindful Belly Dance

Date: Saturday June 23

Teacher: Rachel

Time: 1:00-3:00 pm

Cost: $35

Location: Sahara Dance Central
4433 Wisconsin Avenue NW

Make an Entrance: Mejance Choreography


An Egyptian-style entrance piece is composed to introduce a dancer to the audience with maximum impact and showcase a variety of rhythmic and dynamic changes. Leilah will break down the technique and movements step-by-step and explore the structure of this tradition​ through a choreography that ranges from earthy and elegant to cheeky and energetic. Veil is optional, but you are the only embellishment your dance needs!

Leilah Moon is a professional belly dancer in the DC Metro area. Leilah’s nuanced style, luscious abdominal movements, and engaging smile are what audiences find most mesmerizing about her as a performer. Leilah Moon started her dance career at the age of 17 with Susquehanna University Bellydance Circle, studying further under various teachers in the Baltimore and DC area, including private instruction under Shahrzad Raqs. Leilah taught classes for several years at Rendezvous studio in Rockville, and is a graduate of the Teacher Training Program here at Sahara Dance. You can catch her performing regularly at venues throughout the DMV.

Date(s): Saturday, June 30

Time(s): 1:00-3:00 pm

Teacher(s): Leilah Moon

Location: Sahara Dance Central

Cost: $35

Oriental Turns and Traveling Steps


Add dynamism to your dance with spins, turns and floor patterns. Learn combinations of traveling steps and turns most frequently used in belly dance. Specific attention will be given to spotting, turn technique and oriental belly dance stylization. Join Randa for a day of beautiful turns and steps!

This workshop is recommended for students transitioning from Beginner II to Low Intermediate.

Date(s): Saturday, July 7

Time(s): 1:00-3:00 pm

Teacher(s): Randa

Location: Sahara Dance Central

Cost: $35

Introduction to Samba


Samba is a musical form that developed out of a combination of rhythms and musical traditions whose origins can be traced back to the early days of Brazil. This high-energy workshop will begin with a short warm-up of progressive Afro-Brazilian flexibility movements and stretching exercises set to popular Brazilian music.

Students will learn new dance movements, building coordination, flexibility, strength, posture, and grace, while emphasizing proper arm, foot, and hip movements. A short choreography will tie all the movements together. All levels are welcome. Come prepared to sweat and have fun!

Date(s): Saturday, July 21

Time(s): 1:00-3:00 pm

Teacher(s): Sonia

Location: Sahara Dance Central

Cost: $35

The Sacred in Sexy

kArInA A Sensual Sexual Healing of Self Experience

Through a variety of exercises, meditations, sister bonding group shares, movement, belly dance and more, we will both explore and release guilt, shame, judgments and beliefs around sensuality, sexuality and sex in a loving safe environment.

Goddesses will embrace the sacred within them and lovingly allow their sensual sexy to come forth fully.

Unleash your raw organic sexy self … be free, be you, BE

kArInA, a transformational coach, specializes as a mindfulness and guided visualization meditation teacher, therapeutic belly dance instructor and empowerment workshop and retreat facilitator. She is also a spoken word performance artist. Combining spoken word with belly dance, movement improvisation and modern dance to create healing, empowering pieces, kArInA has been a regular performer at the Built on Stilts Dance Festival in Martha’s Vineyard, MA for many years. She has also performed in many venues in Los Angeles, CA.

By allowing herself to be transparent and vulnerable and welcoming all with openness, humor and nonjudgment, kArInA masterfully creates a safe bonding space in her classes. Her extensive experience is evidenced by the numerous workshops, classes and retreats she designs and implements for both adults and children. Captivated by the effects of healing through movement and dance, kArInA has explored and studied movement improvisation, modern, salsa, journey, contact, trance and belly dance.

kArInA is certified by the International Mindfulness Teachers Association. She received a Certificate of Completion in Spiritual Life Maintenance at Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development.

Date(s): Saturday, July 28

Time(s): 1:00-3:00 pm

Teacher(s): kArInA

Location: Sahara Dance Central

Cost: $35

80s Belly Dance Fusion!


We are going to have some fun using the moves you are learning in your technique class, set to the music of 80s! So grab your loudest leggings, pump up your hair and come dance with us!

All levels welcome! Adjustments or challenging layers will be added to accommodate all dancers.

Date(s): Saturday, August 18

Time(s): 1:00-3:00 pm

Teacher(s): Brianne

Location: Sahara Dance Central

Cost: $35

Heart of Belly Dance Retreat with Rachel Brice
Thailand 2018

Heart of Belly Dance Retreat with Rachel Brice
Samahita Retreat, Koh Samui, Thailand
September 15-22, 2018

Rachel Brice

Experience the island beauty of Koh Samui, while studying with a founder of tribal fusion belly dance, the one and only Rachel Brice.

This retreat is suitable for all levels, with individual attention to modify movements for beginners and/or challenge advanced dancers. A basic foundation in belly dance and/or yoga is strongly suggested.

See details and register here!
Save the Date! World Touring Guest Artist: Shahrzad


Shahrzad will be returning to the studio Sept. 28-30, 2018. Topics to be announced soon!

World Touring Guest Artist: Chudney Raks


Oriental Pop

Learn a dynamic choreography to an oriental pop song. This choreography is jammed pack with juicy hips, flirty hair, a bit of drama and plenty of surprises. Let’s shake things up and have a little fun while freshening up your technique and musicality with this one-of-kind Oriental Pop piece.

Title: Oriental Pop

Date: Saturday October 20

Time: 1:00-3:00pm

Cost: $45

Location: Sahara Dance Central
4433 Wisconsin Avenue NW

Two “Hip” Wonder

Let’s rise back up on the charts and bring back those hips! Two “hip” wonder is all about hips. Get ready to “Bust a Move”, or hip. We will begin with basic “hip” technique and move our way on up the chart to drills. We will condition the hips with single and double hip drills, followed by creative and fresh layering. That’s not all. Chudney will teach a series of short hiptastic combos that’ll be sure to top the charts.

Title: Two “Hip” Wonder Pop

Date: Saturday October 20

Time: 3:15-5:15pm

Cost: $45

Location: Sahara Dance Central
4433 Wisconsin Avenue NW

Title: Both workshops: Package of two

Date: Saturday October 20

Time: 1:00-5:15pm

Cost: $80

Location: Sahara Dance Central
4433 Wisconsin Avenue NW

Chudney is a professional belly dance artist and instructor who has competed and danced around the world. Known for her grace, fluid Egyptian technique and beautiful interpretations, she continues to perform and teach in Hampton Roads, Virginia, as director of her own troupe Raks Royale, and as a member of the prestigious dance collective Saleema Habiba. Chudney has also been selected and can be seen touring with world-renown Virginia of Miami in her theater production “Reflections.” Chudney’s passion, amazing talent and relentless drive for knowledge and growth in this art form has made her a favorite around the world.

World Touring Guest Artist: Sahra Saeeda

Sahra Saeeda

Tarab and Sultana Technique

Date: Tuesday Nov. 6
Time: 3:00-6:00pm
Cost: $95
Location: Sahara Dance Central
4433 Wisconsin Avenue NW

Baladi Awad and Tet Baladi Technique

“Baladi” is one of those words that mean so many things; it literally means “my country” but to Egyptian-style dancers it can refer to a specific progression of musical sections. In Cairo “Baladi” is particularly used for dancing and associated with Awalim (the professional dancers) from the famous “Mohamed Ali Street” in Old Cairo. Sahra will first present the cultural history of the Awalem, Mohamed Ali street and of the possible roots of “Baladi” progression. Then we will learn the classic structure of the musical/rhythmic sections in the two basic types Baladi; “Awadi Baladi” and “Tet Baladi” - and learn steps and movement for each section.

Date: Wednesday Nov. 7
Time: 3:00-6:00pm
Cost: $95
Location: Sahara Dance Central
4433 Wisconsin Avenue NW

Journey Through Egypt Intensive / Certification
with Sahra Saeeda

Journey through Egypt, with Sahra Saeeda

Sahara Dance is pleased to host Sahra Saeeda’s Journey through Egypt Workshop Intensive / Certification Series!

Journey through Egypt (JtE) is a structured series of intensive workshops, providing an in-depth look at the various dance zones of Egypt. Each “Intensive” views Egypt’s Folkloric dance from a different perspective.

JtE-1 and JtE-2 are held in studios, classrooms and reception halls worldwide.

JtE-1 (Intensive/Certification 22-hr Workshop)

Draws upon films, lecture, study materials, map, and dance instruction. JtE-1 introduces the students to the wide variety of dance styles in Egypt with an overview of movement, costume, historical diffusion, and geographical location.

JtE-2 (Intensive/Certification 22-hr Workshop)

Provides an advanced overview, including the basis for future research, student specialization, dance ethnology concepts. Students investigate the dance differences between “home-style,” local professional dance, regional government troupes, Cairo-based Reda and Kowmeyya national troupes, and folkloric representation in night club shows.

Learn about the Dance of Egypt from a deeper perspective.
If you are not just a tourist, if you are hungry to understand,
if you don’t want to simply learn another choreography,
this may be the start of your journey.

Using dance ethnology concepts and a multi-media/experiential approach, Sahra C. Kent presents each region’s story of culture and dance, historical diffusion, costume and dress, posture and movement.

All intensives include a certificate upon completion. Certification is awarded to only those who complete all 22 hours of each course (44 hours total).

Friday Nov. 2, Saturday Nov. 3, Sunday Nov. 4, 2018 - JtE I (22 hours)
Friday Nov. 9, Saturday Nov. 10, Sunday Nov. 11, 2018 - JtE II (22 hours)

Journey through Egypt I

Dates: Nov. 2-4, 2018

Times: Friday Nov. 2: 6:00-10:00pm
Saturday Nov. 3: 12:00-10:00pm (1 hour dinner break)
Sunday Nov. 4: 9:00am-5:00pm (1 hour dinner break)

Cost: $475

Location: Sahara Dance Central*
4433 Wisconsin Avenue NW

Journey through Egypt II

Dates: Nov. 9-11, 2018

Times: Friday Nov. 9: 6:00-10:00pm
Saturday Nov. 10: 12:00-10:00pm (1 hour dinner break)
Sunday Nov. 11: 9:00am-5:00pm (1 hour dinner break)

Cost: $475

Location: Sahara Dance Central*
4433 Wisconsin Avenue NW


Package Pricing: Journey through Egypt I & II: $925

Cancellation policy: Journey through Egypt Certification registrations are nonrefundable. If you are unable to attend, you may sell or transfer your registration to another person. Please send us notice of your registration transfer.

*Out-of-town workshop participants may be interested in these nearby hotels: Days Inn or Marriott Courtyard

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Fort Drive, Alton Place or Yuma Street (behind St. Ann’s Academy)
Please check parking signs for hour or zone restrictions

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